Let’s save smallholders and sustainability from this crisis

We are fighting not one, but several crises at the same time. The supply chain crisis induced by the pandemic is only made worse by the war on Ukraine, while fuel prices and living costs are increasing rapidly. 

The lower your income, the more exposed you become to these shocks, and smallholder farmers are among the poorest members of their societies worldwide. We work closely with small-scale grower families across Peru, and it’s clear that they need our help more than ever.

They are paying more for inputs, energy, transport, and for their lives’ daily necessities. 

As every region around the world, Europe too is struggling with inflation – but when it comes to avocados, prices are still low, and do not cover the above increases.

About 35% of Peru’s avocados come from large producers, mainly from the La Libertad region. The rest of the production, mostly from small-scale growers, is spread across the Central and Southern coasts.

Fairtrasa’s smallholders are doing everything they can to make their production profitable. We are working hard with them to modernize traditional systems, making them both more efficient and sustainable. 

We not only promote organic agriculture, but take a holistic view of farming, and help our growers make decisions that factor in soil conditions, water consumption and climate change. 

In week 17, we saw a worrying drop in prices that led to an increase in unethical and unsustainable practices across the sector. Current price pressures put the work we have been doing with smallholders at risk. 

Our success has been built on the trust of our producers like Olga Alayo, Maura Lizarde or Jorge Aquiles Saavedra, who have been with us since we started exporting avocados. Several producers are joining us because our model could give them better returns.

We are facing global challenges, and all of us need to work together to tackle them. Be part of the solution, and help organic family farms remain not only environmentally, but also financially sustainable.

From May 6th, our farmers’ beautiful and delicious Hass avocados are available for all European customers at ‘s-Granvenzande!

Yesy Lalupu
Director, Fairtrasa Peru

Let’s save smallholders and sustainability from this crisis

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