We are a social enterprise evolved into one of the leading all organic, vertically integrated fresh fruit groups.

We were founded in 2005 with the goal of lifting farmers out of poverty in rural Mexico. By the early 2010s we've grown into one of the largest organic and fair trade fruit exporters in Latin America.

Today, we have supply and farmer development offices in three countries, and close relationships with socially and environmentally responsible growers across three continents.

This is how we are able to offer healthy fruit with impact to Europe and North America all year round.

Through our export and development offices, we provide organic training, support and resources that enable the smallest farmers to grow sustainably, while also growing as a business.

At the same time, we monitor environmental risks and organic integrity, and we run projects that restore biodiversity and help the community.

Our tight supply chain results in increased sustainability and better feedback loops, as well as savings that we reinvest in our impact.

Leadership Team

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Stephan Schoemaker

Sr. Account Manager

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Yannick Stierman

Impact & Process Manager

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Álvaro de Mingo Castro

Business Unit Manager

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Franklin Ginus


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Patrick Struebi

Founder and Executive Chairman

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Jorge Angela


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Oscar van Reisen

Sourcing Manager

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Arjan Burgers

Financial Controller

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Ramon Alcedo

Director of Fairtrasa Peru

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Rudis Colon

Director of Fairtrasa Dominican Republic

User picture
Francis Mendez

Director of Fairtrasa Mexico

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András Kovács

Brand Manager &
Copy Writer

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Michelle den Boer

Marketing & Communication Manager

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Marcel Segond

Business Controller

Our offices


Our holding company, responsible for activities that affect every other company in the Group.


Our European headquarters by the Port of Rotterdam, responsible for sales across the continent.


Our Madrid office manages the supply chain and sales of our green banana program, worldwide.

Dominican Republic

Supply and impact office that sources from small growers and supports them, while managing our model farm and banana packhouse.


The first Fairtrasa company. Today, a supply and impact office that sources from local growers and helps them implement sustainability initiatives.


Supply and impact office that supports small growers across the country, while running our packhouse and managing reforestation and other initiatives in the Central Jungle of Peru.